Famous guitarist Amir Zaki passes away

The renowned guitarist Amir Zaki passed away on Friday.

As per reports, Zaki suffered from heart failure after a long battle with health problems.

“The legendary guitarist the magician Amir Zaki just passed away. Recite Fatiha for departed soul,” confirmed one of his relatives on Twitter.

He was known for his melodic phrasing, feel, and tone. His debut album Signature was released in 1995, and Zaki was awarded a gold disc by Soundcraft UK for it.

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1968, Zaki started playing guitar at the age of 14.
Zaki also toured with Vital Signs, before being asked to leave the band.

He then launched into a solo career.

Fans on Twitter started extending their condolences and expressing grief over the untimely death of the maestro as soon as the news surfaced on social media.