Listen to Ali Gul Pir’s “Modi Teri M**” Song with SomeWhatSuper!

ali gul pir modi teri maa
Ali Gul Pir – Photo: TRIBUNE

In the midst of pressures at the Line of Control and famous people hopping into have influence in the cross-fringe strains, Ali Gul Pir is adapting to make his excellent come back to the music circle, this time with a tune titled Modi Teri M**.

“I think whatever is going on is not a Pakistan-India issue but instead, it has more to do with Modi’s outlook. And after that, there are individuals like Anupam Kher and Adnan Sami who are supporting his position. The tune specifies every one of them,” he told The Express Tribune.

Asked whether the tune would facilitate the pressures or bother the circumstance, Pir said he is particularly mindful of how it could be seen.

“I was always worried about that. I made my companions hear it out and they said it didn’t make them furious towards India but instead engaged them in a way that they needed to make peace and not war,” he shared. “It’s a parody however it doesn’t advance viciousness or disdain. I just thought Indian famous people have been vocal about the circumstance and here we are, doing nothing. As a craftsman, everything I can do is channel out my outrage through music decidedly.”

While the military manages matters on the outskirts and renowned identities bash each other, Pir has taken a superior option.

Modi Teri M** is certain to be not the same as Pir’s past offerings, on account of SomeWhatSuper. Regarding how the joint effort came to fruition, Pir uncovered that he had listened to the two-part gathering’s music and adored it.

“They do electronic music yet with a desi touch. That is my specialty, rapping, however with desi vernacular. I rang them and requested that work together as quickly as time permits since the opportunity has already come and gone. I think they truly breathed life into the melody.”

While SomeWhatSuper has cut itself a specialty with tracks like Bandook and Patang, this denote their first joint effort with a standard craftsman. Talha Dar, one-portion of the band, said, “Ali has an alternate rap style, while we work with electronic music. I believe it’s an immaculate fit for the two of us. This tune is unique in relation to what we have done some time recently.”