The Best Domain and Web Hosting Service In Pakistan – (2017)


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Web Hosting in Pakistan

Web Hosting is a crucial part of every website owner’s life. If you’re searching for the best web hosting companies of services in Pakistan, then you have come to the right place!

What i am about to drop is a review of domain and web hosting service which worked as a charm for me. I live in Karachi, Pakistan and i make my living out of this blog, in short i earn from it.

I almost tried every service and web-hosting in Pakistan, and found out that if you will buy domain or web hosting from anywhere in Pakistan then you will end up getting in a lot of trouble because the support or the problem solving support is like 0%.

And if you go for well known domain and web-hosting sites such as Hostgator, go daddy or namecheap, which will cost you more than you can ever think, if you’re just starting a site, then you must have 25,000 rupees to start a website, which is indeed a lot of money.

So, after so much struggle i am dropping a service that ensures 24/7 uptime as well as 24/7 support for your website in just Rs. 7,000 for 3 years! with a free domain FOR LIFE!

And that is Hawk Host, if you sign up with the link given below, then you will get 25% OFF FOR LIFE! It means, you will get 25% discount on the total amount, means you do not need to pay even 7,000 rupees! it will be 5,000 something if you signup and buy with the link given below.

Best Web hosting and Domain service in Pakistan Review

I have been with Hawk Host for over 2 years now, and i must say they have good support! Even if i get problem at 5am, their support is available 24/7. I don’t want you guys to suffer a lot by buying the web hosting from people who doesn’t worth it!

Get the Best Domain and Web hosting in Pakistan – 25% OFF for LIFE!