8 Must Follow Tip For Every Blogger In Pakistan To Earn Money

Blogger blogging tips

As the blogging field is growing at it’s peak after various moneitzation tools has been provided to the bloggers and writers, these are the few tips which i want to give you before you start making money from blogging.

I started blogging in 2014, till now, i own two pages Scene On Hai (347,000+) and Islamic Information (400,000+) and collectively this website (750,000+) targets the pool of 1 million people per month.

So, in my journey of blogging i want to drop some of the tips which will help you learn the key strategies to target the larger pool of people, larger pool of people means you will be making more money from it.

1. Buying website

Let’s start off with buying a website, i would suggest this platform to buy your website as a blogger;


Because as compare to GoDaddy, Bluehost and other companies, NameCheap is the cheapest and reliable domain service, which will provide you a very professional website in just Rs. 1,000

SO, Click HERE to make your website now!

2. WordPress

Some people use, blogger, drupal, tumbler but, WORDPRESS is one of the best blogging platform ever. You can also get the free blog (you can not earn money from free blog), but i would prefer you to buy the professional .com blog (.com blog allows you to earn money from blogging).

WordPress has plugins and professional themes, so you do not need to ask anyone to make a website for you, it’s very easy and simple to use.

3. Earn Money from Blogging

Here comes the interesting part, you will find many sites, which will allow you to earn money. But, the problem is that many advertisers do not pay well to the Pakistani bloggers. But do not worry! there are few monetization programs which are paying highest to the Pakistani bloggers…

Best Ad monetization Network for Pakistani Bloggers;

  • Google Adsense;


Website must be 6 years old.

The content must be original

The site must have minimum of 2000 Unique visitors from Google Search Engine.

  • Adsterra;


The Alexa rank will be less than 500,000


Alexa rank must be less than 500,000

  • WordAds


Minimum 1,000 Visitors per day.

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a core, for this matter, i’d prefer Yoast SEO (A plugin in WordPress, for the better SEO). I use Yoast SEO on my website too, so make sure you get it as soon as possible. The setup and the installation is easy.

5. No Plagiarism

I will write few words in it, DO NOT COPY PASTE! Google won’t rank your website on top if you’re just stealing stuff from internet. Try to be as original as you can…

6. Facebook Page

For me, Facebook fan pages worked as my website accelerator, 90% of the visitors on my website are from my Facebook Fan-pages. So, before buying website, i’d ask you to have a page with minimum, 1,000 loyal likes, do not buy likes from anyone, but you can ask people to like you page and put interesting content to engage people to your Facebook fan page.

7. Write up

Be focused, Mostly people do not like to read long articles on internet, so just try to sum up every article in just 300 words.

8. Targeting

Select your niche, do not become a wanderer, focus on what you page is all about, if you’re as a blogger, writing about Smartphones then stick to the Tech category, do not sabotage from your category. Staying within the boundaries of your niche will help you get the relevant ads on your blog which will help you in earning a lot of money just by writing.

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