This Hamdard University Student Made A Thought Provoking Short Film In Reverse!

Hamdard University humarc
Hamdard University, HUMARC 2017

Video in Resverse!

Video in reserve! This Hamdard University student does the storyboarding in reverse. And won the HUMARC 2017.

HUMARC is a media convention which consists of some brainstorming activities to polish the personality of students in the dynamic environment of this world. The goal of the event is to induce powerful skills like time management, problem solving, and team work into the participants. Leading to a grand finale fused with a Model Film Fare Festival Awards, HUMARC-4 ended at an all-time high this Saturday.

Hamdard University gives a chance to their students to flourish not only in their concerned fields but also in the field of media. They held it every year for the refreshment and learning of their students.

Hamdard university student, Ebad Ur Rehman Khan, created a video in reserve, called “LOSTRACK“, which spreads a canvas on how an average man in the society is groomed into a prestigious professional individual, all by the experiences of his life! It’s a tale of going from a purposeless immature to a respected and experienced mature person.

Watch His Amazing Video:

“A tale of a life being shaped”

Story by: Hassan Ahmed

Directed and Edited by: Ebad Khan

Ebad Ur Rehman Khan
Ebad Ur Rehman Khan

This masterpiece gave Ebad and his team TECHNOMANCERS the undisputed title of winners of HUMARC, the biggest intra-university event in Hamdard. The award followed a splendid trophy and a cash price of Rs. 65,000/= along with all the fame and respect.

Ebad Khan was awarded with the Best Editor award on account of his impeccable editing performance in the short film, news casting, mannequin challenge, and a tribute video to MARC.

Ebad told Scene on Hai, “It’s like a dream come true for me, all of the people and the people from other teams supported me throughout the HUMARC.