Imkaan Welfare Organization, Keeping The Happiness Alive

Imkaan Welfare Organization
Imkaan Welfare Organization

Imkaan Welfare Organization started their services in 2012 and since then Imkaan has become the roof for the children of Pakistan which are neglected by our society.

Imkaan is not just an another organization doing the same just like other organizations, what they have now is the activities they carry out throughout the year. Donation doesn’t mean you have to give something tangible, presenting their mentally with these children is the biggest donation and this is exactly what Imkaan does!

As Imkaan’s mission statement says;

No child’s life shall be curtailed by the circumstances of his or her birth because each one deserves absolute love and infinite opportunity.

Which is a clear sign, that Imkaan provides monetary as well as mental facilities to the children who are left behind just because of the ignorance of society.

Imkaan has;

It has set up the prenatal and neonatal clinics to take care of the healthcare of Mothers and Mothers to be. These clinics not just treat these women, but educate them about the pre and post pregnancy issues and guide them throughout this period. Tahera is one of those unsung heroes which you mostly do not see on the social media and on TV, but she’s kind of personality we need in this county. Tahera Hasan Imkaan

Tahera’s commitments are not restricted to welfare work. She has been included in various social interests, having been a contributing author for her Magazine and World Music. She is likewise an individual from the Executive Committee and Organizing Committee of the KaraFilm Society and on the Editorial leading body of the Book Group.

Especially energetic about the issue of selection in our general public, Tahera established the Karachi Adoption Group and has herself embraced three children. Tahera has figured out how to give a cherishing and secure home condition for their three youngsters and endeavors to discover comparative homes for the various stranded and surrendered offspring of Karachi.

Who Founded ?

Tahera Hasan, is the director of Imkaan Welfare Organization. She is a lawyer with the specialization in Family Law. When she started out this organization, she had a focus on children and adoption. She believes in giving the best medical care as well as the possible facilities to make these children stand in the row, where the other children from good backgrounds are standing. She has put a great effort in bridging the gap between the people

Projects by Imkaan Welfare Organization

1. Sehat Ghar

Sehat ghar is an another initiative taken my Imkaan which deals in;

  • Medical needs
  • Hygiene awareness
  • Infectious diseases
  • Planned parenthood

All of this is done by Dr. Naureen Kazim, who looks after over 3,000 patients every month and all of these checkups and medical assistance is free of costs and run on donation. As well as, management meets up every after a few days to make this Sehat Ghar work much more efficient and reach more people in the vicinity.

2. E-GUARD – Solid Waste Management Project

It has started a waste management system in Machar Colony because of the poor environmental position of this area, which is the major cause of viruses and several kinds of diseases. And Imkaan has saved these people from being exposed to such a great danger. And Imkaan have done it with the support of Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Trust to make this endeavor possible.


In the neighborhood of Machar Colony, it is impossible to have activities for such children to enjoy. In Machar Colony children playing with broken toys can easily be seen, which is indeed a heartbreaking scene to witness. Imkaan helps such children to get under one roof and entertains them with several activities. The reasons of starting KHEL are;

  • Helping kids to plan their own future.
  • Grooming the children for their future.
  • Dialogues to polish children to discourage the criminal activities.
  • Introduction of computer education and more…

4. Imkaan Ghar

It is the place where children undergo from the medical examinations where they are being tested and provided medication, so that the adoptive families does not have to worry about anything regarding the health of these children. Imkaan Ghar is run by a team of clinicians and social workers selected by imkaan’s management.

5. Adoptation Programme

As mentioned above, in Imkaan Ghar, that the children there are being treated, rehabilitated and polished very well . So, the adopting families do not face any kind of difficulty. If you want to Adopt a child in Pakistan email them at [email protected].

Parents, who want to adopt have to go through scheduled interviews regarding their background and general information.

Donate Now!

If you want to put your money for a great cause in Karachi, Pakistan. Then come forward and donate, the minimum donation you can make is $10, which is something everyone can do. You can either pay online or offline for this cause. To make your donations, CLICK HERE TO DONATE!