Watch Imran Khan’s reply regarding his Phateechar Comment on foreign players in PSL

imran khan phateechar
Patheechar comment by Imran Khan is taking internet by storm – Photo: TWITTER

Imran Khan recently called Phateechar to the foreign players playing in PSL. And now his reply here here regarding that statement.


“I don’t know the name of any of these supposed outside players… They just got players from wherever… some arbitrary players alleged remote players… They just got players from wherever… some irregular players from Africa and called them remote players,” Imran stated, before including that such players would have energetically come to play household cricket in Pakistan in any case for the cash they were being paid.

In a similar video, Imran clarified his remark by saying that top ability did not seek the match, which was inferred to constitute a disappointment for the coordinators.

The PTI boss was bludgeoned via web-based networking media for his tone, particularly the apparent prejudice in his reference to the “African” players. Noted columnists hammered his tone, while various games fans – including some that self-distinguished as PTI supporters – rushed to call attention to that Sammy and Samuels have won two T20 World Cups each, while Imran just had the 1992 ODI World Cup to appear.