South African Cricketer Imran Tahir Gave A Unique Tribute To Junaid Jamshed

Imran Tahir unlocked up a lot of yes today in the 2nd T20 game against Sri Lanka. Imran Tahir seized the wicket of Sri Lankan middle command batsman Gunaratne and then noticeable his typical wicket winning celebrations.

But this was not it. In the celebrations Imran Tahir trundled up his official Shirt and on the inner one there was a embedded photo of Junaid Jamshed. All the Pakistanis are aware about Junaid Jamshed. He was the face of Pakistan and he acknowledged martyrdom in the PK 661 plane crash.

Imran Tahir and Hashim Amla both were the best friends of Junaid Jamshed. Junaid was an Islamic scholar and used to visit South Africa. He met Imran Tahir and Hashim Amla over there and soon this became a bond between the three.

Imran embraces a lot of respect for the late Junaid Jamshed. The 2 had a very closeness relationship and Imran was pretty depressed after hearing the loss of Junaid Jamshed and his wife. As for the match, Sri Lanka won it today and they got their 1st win of the series. On a petty puzzling wicket both the teams writhed a lot. There were not many runs recorded today. Sri Lankan batted first and made 119 while South Africa got all out of 113 runs. The series is now levelled at 1-1. Sri Lanka looked striking in today’s match.

Watch Imran Tahir’s Tribute to Junaid Jamshed

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