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You Should Not Store These 10 Foods In Your Fridge At Any Cost!

not store foods fridge
Fridge and These foods are a BAD COMBO!

This is what happens when you put these 10 foods in your fridge.

My grandma place everything in the fridge. She thought placing it in the fridge implied that it would last more. However, science doesn’t think a similar thing. A few nourishment experience changes subsequent to being refrigerated and are destructive if devoured. Watch where and how you are putting away these 10 foods:

1. Potatoes

When you keep potatoes in the icebox, the low temperatures rapidly transform the starch into sugar, or even a possibly hazardous synthetic. Rather than the ice chest, utilize a paper sack (don’t utilize plastic) to avert decaying. Put them in a dim and icy place at room temperature, or the coolest place you can discover (like a carport or basement).