These 26 Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshopped!

Our planet is really one of a kind and brilliant, and the supernatural occurrences that can occur at any minute make us respect our general surroundings. All we truly need is to see this excellence before us. That is the reason Scene On Hai gathered photographs from everywhere throughout the world that you really want to appreciate. And are not Photoshopped!

1. Fire Fall!

A firefall at sunset
© rebrn

2. Soldiers from Chinese province Heilongjiang on a morning exercise

Soldiers from Chinese province Heilongjiang on a morning exercise
© widelec

3. Long Exposure Rocket Flight

Long Exposure Rocket Flight
© imgur

4. Thunderstorm!

© lomych

5. Turtle covered in algae

turtle covered in algae
© letu

6. Border between Italy and Switzerland

border between Italy and Switzerland
© lacasadelcurioso

7. Airplane vs Rainbow

Airplane vs Rainbow
© Yutaka Kagaya

8. Baseball Game Stopped

Baseball Game Stopped

9. Bottom of the metropolis

bottom of the metropolis
© reddit

10. Plane and Moon

Plane and Moon
© Sebastien Lebrigand

11. How rain looks from above

How rain looks from above
© reddit

12. Inside a guitar

Inside a guitar
© simonbook

13. Japanese swimmer Saho Harada

Japanese swimmer Saho Harada
© Kurt Arrigo

14. A love bird

love bird

15. Pancakes made of ice

Pancake ice
© Igor Podgorny

16. Morning mountain

Shining mountain
© Jim Pankey

17. Solar eclipse in Canyon de Chelly

Solar eclipse in Canyon de Chelly
© Michael Menefee

18. Beautifully broken windshield

Sometimes a stone can break a windshield beautifully
© AshlynnMartell

19. The artists’ academy

The artists’ academy
© Ivan Turukhano

20. Chinese parade art

Chinese navy not photoshopped
© Feng Li

21. A road that saved

road that stopped a fire
© Evgeniy Green

22. Center of the universe

The sky’s reflection looking like a portal to another world
© Andrey Mikhailov

23. Snow falls in the Altai

snow falls in the Altai
© Olga Skutina

24. Thunderstorm Novorossiysk

thunderstorm Novorossiysk
© Egor Nikiforov

25. Thunderstorm view from a plane from 11,000 meters

Thunderstorm formation
© Santiago Borja

26. Thunderstorm view from a plane from 11,000 meters

What’s hidden under the icebergs
© imgwykop