Did You Know These 15 Facts About Quran ?

Quran facts
Quran – Photo: majesticislam

The Quran is the focal religious content of Islam, which Muslims accept to be a divine revelation. It is broadly viewed as the finest bit of writing in the Arabic dialect.

Here are the facts about Quran;

1. 23 number of years Quran is fully disclosed.

2. 30 number of division of the Quran.

3. 25 number of prophets’ names mentioned in the ‘Dhikr’.

4. 29 number of times name of Isa (AS) taken in the Quran.

5. 10 amount of rewards for reciting one letter of the ‘Balagh’.

6. Baqarah, the longest chapter of the ‘Muhaiman’.

7. Maryam (AS), the only lady mentioned in the ‘Mutahhara’.

8. 114 total number of chapters in the ‘Kitab’.

9. 6 number of chapters named after prophets.

10. 136 number of times name of Musa (AS) used in Quran.

11. 43 number of times name of Nuh (AS) pointed out in the ‘Majid’.

12. 4 number of times name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taken in the ‘Aziz’.

13. Friday, The only talked about day of the week in Quran.

14. Surah Yaseen, The heart of the Quran.

15. 40, the age of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) receiving first revelation.