Uber vs Careem Pakistan – Advantages and Disadvantages

Uber vs Careem Pakistan
Uber vs Careem Pakistan, a detailed analysis – Photo:

As UBER and Careem stepped into Pakistan. We decided to bring you the detailed analysis of Uber vs Careem Pakistan so you can easily decide which app you should choose to commute. This analysis will help people of Pakistan to decide the better service according to their needs.


Careem is a Taxi booking service founded in Dubai. You can avail Careem in 10 Countries. If you don’t have this app you can Download HERE if you have an Android phone and HERE if you have an iOS. Careem’s HQ is located in Karachi. If you want 3 Free rides from Careem, click HERE.


  • If you have the promo code then their ride will cost you cheaper than a Rickshaw ride.
  • You dont have to wait longer, or call driver.
  • The navigation is very effective.
  • Careem users feel safe because they get each and everything about their ride and it’s driver before it picks them up.
  • If you have used their service several times, then there is a chance you might get a promo code.
  • Drivers are well mannered.
  • If you are in the middle of the city (Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad) then this App is perfect.
  • You can make money though Careem by giving them your Car on rent. If you’re interested, contact them.


  • There are no such disadvantages of using this service, Careem is more than perfect.


Similar to Careem, Uber is also a Taxi booking service. It is an American based transport booking organization. In Pakistan, It’s HQ is in Lahore, because they started their service in Lahore first. If you don’t have this app you can Download HERE if you have an Android phone and HERE if you have an iOS


  • It offers the cheapest price. It only costs Rs. 13.7 per KM, 3.7 per minute.
  • It has been serving more countries than Careem.
  • You can make more than Rs100,000 with Uber! (Details)
  • It’s cheaper than careem, you do not need any kind of promo code to avail a cheap ride. If you use two or three rides from Uber, then you will get a promo code.
  • You can avail discounts by sharing a unique link to their App. Want to know more about this ? drop your questions in the comment box.
  • Many eminent celebrities, such as Mahira khan and other have endorsed and appreciated their service, unlike Careem.
  • They have luxury cars UberBlack and UberLUX! Which will soon be unveiled?


  • A lot of harassment cases have been reported all around the world.
  • Call harassment by Uber is common in Karachi, see it HERE.
  • You have to call the driver, otherwise, driver won’t even move.
  • The waiting time is more than 1 hour, you have to keep calling driver to make it fast.
  • Limited coverage in Pakistan.
  • People switch to other apps such as A-Taxi and Careem due to nonavailability of cars in their area.
  • Driver and ride details are not very coherent.


After having a detailed analysis of Uber vs Careem Pakistan, it’s time to draw a conclusion, I have met many people online and face to face and asked them about their experiences with these two services, Uber and Careem. Most of the people suggested Careem is Better! than Uber. Furthermore, Uber vs Careem Pakistan, I have also experienced and have given both the app a chance, and the problem I faced with Uber was non-availability of cars in my area, and if cars are available then the waiting time is longer than I ever expected (2 hours!) and even if i get a driver, it takes ages for that driver to reach the destination. So, I give Careem a try and it worked like a charm, so according to all the reviews gathered from the public who used both of these apps, Careem stands out as the best App for booking Taxi in Pakistan.

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