This Is How You Can Use Facebook When It’s Blocked In Pakistan

unblock facebook pakistan block
Facebook Blocked in Pakistan ? No problem here is how you can access it!

As Govt. of Pakistan announced that they will block Facebook in Pakistan by 22nd march 2017. So, we at Scene on Hai, decided to drop a tutorial which will allow you to use facebook in Pakistan even when it’s completely blocked in the country.

Step 1: Download “Google Chrome”

Download Chrome, as it has the large variety of Extensions which will allow you to use it without any hassle. And Google Chrome is also considered to be one of the most secure and reliable web browsers in technology

Step 2: Go to Google Extensions

You have to download an extension which will show your existance from somewhere else. You can visit the google extensions by clicking HERE.

Step 3: Search for Zenmate

zenmate google chrome

After searching for it, click “Add it to chrome” and then click “Add Extension” once, it is done. Proceed to next step. (Make sure you download the zenmate google chrome extension as indicated above, do not download any other extension as it is the official google chrome extension listed there)

Step 4: Sign Up at Zenmate

zenmate sign up

Sign up with a valid email account, since you have to activate your account by confirming it through your mail box.

Step 5: Search for Zenmate Logo in your chrome

google chrome extension logo

Can you see this Green Logo ? if you can, click it after logging in. Make sure you log in with the account you signed up before.

Step 6: Change location to US Zenmate

zenmate change location

and if it already US then leave it if it is not then change it to US.

zenmate pakistan

Step 7: Done!

Now enjoy surfing Facebook!

scene on hai facebook


If you guys feel any problem in surfing Facebook after applying all the steps i mention above, do tweet me at @MrFahadKhan.