This Video Is A Must Watch For Those People Who Smoke!

Smoking can cause various diseases! But, many people still consider it as not harmful! Habit of people to Smoke can also damage the lungs of the people who do not even smoke!

We at Scene On Hai, brings you the video which will show the destruction of lungs after smoking.

A psychology student on facebook, wrote;

“Sharing this lab we did in the physiology class I TA for… I think this is definitely worth showing loved ones who currently smoke.

Below is a video of two pairs of treated pig lungs that are designed to mimic what human lungs look like (these are 95% accurate).

On the left are a pair of relatively normal lungs, designed to mimic a pair of human lungs that have not been affected by smoke.

On the right are a pair of lungs designed to mimic the human lungs of a person who has smoked one pack per day for 20 years.

This pair of lungs is designed to embody what it looks like to have lung cancer. The tumor on the lungs is visible in the video. As you can see, it almost completely blocks air flow to that lobe.

Lung cancer has an 87% mortality rate, meaning it is likely that once diagnosed, you will not recover. The damage you see here is NOT fixable, but it is preventable!

Not-only does smoking cost $$, but it can cost you your life!!”

Watch It;